Electrolysis is a medically approved safe permanent hair removal system for both men and women. This method has been recognized as the most reliable permanent hair removal technique utilizing electrical current to destroy the hair papilla.

Regular treatments are important to ensure success. New sterile disposable needles are used for every treatment, which is performed by a medically trained certified electrologist.

15 min $35
30 min $65
60 min $110

About Electrolysis Fees

Some electrologists charge more per hour than others; however, basing your decision solely on who is cheapest may be one of the most expensive mistakes you will make. If you are looking for permanent hair removal, your selection should reflect who will remove the hair permanently in the fewest number of electrolysis treatments.


As a hypothetical example, if electrologist “A” treats 1000 hairs in one hour, and charges $100 per hour, and only 50 grow back after the treatment, then the cost to remove each hair permanently is $100 / 950 hairs = 10.5 cents per hair.


Now, if electrologist “B” treats 1000 hairs in one hour, and only charges $50 per hour, but 950 grow back after that first treatment, then the cost to remove hair permanently climbs to $50 / 50 hairs = $1.00 per hair!


You can see that the effectiveness of the electrolysis treatment plays a major part in determining the cost of permanent hair removal. The way to determine who is going to give you the best value is to narrow your choice of electrologists to two or three, and have each of them clear a small area of your arm or leg, and then wait. The amount of re-growth will tell you who is your most cost-effective buy in permanent hair removal.

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